Bellinzoni Idea Dark Antistain Deep Enhancer Protective Agent 1 L

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Idea Dark

Protective impregnating agent, for the treatment of both shiny or rough surfaces of natural stones such as granites, marbles, etc. Specific for dark or black absorbing stones, IDEA DARK enhances deeply the natural color of stone, covers scratches and flaws of dark/black stone.

Method of Use:

Surface must be clean, dry, without any trace of dirt; stone to be treated must not contain salts (sulfates, chlorides and nitrates) since their presence reduces the absorption. Stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off otherwise they will be harder to remove after protection. Apply IDEA DARK without any dilution, using a brush, a cloth, by roller or by spray gun. It is suggested, when possible, to apply the product by brush because it allows the product to penetrate well into the stone. In this case, apply IDEA DARK making a gentle pressure on the brush, in order to facilitate penetration into frames and cavities. Apply necessary quantity up to complete absorption. After 10/15 minutes, remove excess of product with a absorbing cloth. During application and subsequent drying, temperature of the substrate should be between 10 and 30°C. In case of application on floor with underfloor heating system turn off heating and allow the stone to cool completely


For the protection of shiny or polished marbles and granites beyond grit 800, one liter of product can treat approximately 15/20 sqm (160/215 sq.ft.). For limestone, sandstone, or polished marble/cement with a similar finish, the performance may be slightly lower. Treating absorbent stones or rough finishes may require a higher usage of the product, with an indicative coverage of 10 sqm (107 sq.ft.).


Applicable Material Granite and Marble (Specific for dark or black absorbing stones)
Product Dimensions 3.25" x 3.25" x 9"