WEHA 8" TuffCup Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cup with Non Bleeding Gray rubber


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WEHA TuffCup 

The Weha TuffCup 8" Electric Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Suction Cup is a big upgrade from the traditional 8" manual pump vacuum suction cups.

The Weha Battery Powered Electric 8" Vacuum Cup will work perfectly and hold a solid and strong vacuum on granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, steel, sheet metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, aluminum, and other sheet goods.

The Weha 8" Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cup charges via USB C cable (included). It will charge from dead to full charge in about 6-8 hours and has been tested to run continually for at least 72 hours. This is charged like cell phones: In cars, homes, businesses, portable power banks, etc. Anywhere a USB can plugin.

On one side of the handle is the on/off power button and on the other side is the vacuum release button. Once powered on the 8" vacuum cup will vacuum down and will continue to create a nonstop vacuum. If the vacuum cup starts losing pressure, the Cordless Vacuum Cups sensor will recognize and create a vacuum to maintain full vacuum power until the power button is turned off.

The Weha Battery Powered 8" Vacuum Cup has been built with a customized non-bleeding triple seal gray rubber that will not leave residue or ring marks on marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other more porous materials.

The Weha 8" Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cup is rated for 264 lbs (120kg) and can be charged thousands of times.

The Weha 8" Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cup comes with a USB-C cable, plastic pad cover, protective hard case, and manual.


Brand WEHA
Diameter 8"
Work Load Limit 264 lb