Bellinzoni B-Rust Remover Gel Formula 250 mL

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Rapid acting gel for the removal of rust residues from stone surfaces. Due to its gel formulation, the product can be used on vertical surfaces for an eective removal of stains. Foam free formulation. Easy to rinse and remove. Does not leave patinas or residues. Non aggressive pH allows the use on alkaline and acid sensitive surfaces such as polished marbles and limestone, terrazzo, stone etc.

Method of use :

Damp the surface to be treated before use. Apply a few drops of product directly to stained area covering completely the rust to be removed. Leave the gel on the stain for few minutes (5 minutes for polished materials) until substance has become a dark purple colour. Remove using a damp cloth and rinse surface well. Repeat if necessary. Note: for eventual remaining purple-coloured residues, use B-SMACCHIATORE (Code P075) for complete removal.


Applicable Material Marble, Stone, Metal
Product Dimensions 2.375" x 1.5" x 6.5"