Bellinzoni B-LEM3 Exxtra MG Foaming Detergent for Floors 1 L

Super concentrated detergent specific for the daily cleaning and maintenance of floors and hard surfaces in marble, granite and natural stone.

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pH neutral detergent for a guaranteed, deep cleaning of material without damaging or leaving surface residues and streaks. Cleaned surfaces maintain a long lasting pleasant intense lavender fragrance. Due to its controlled foam formula, the surface does not require rinsing allowing the product to be used also in walk behind automatic floor scrubbing machines.

Method of use :

Daily cleaning: dilute product in water (10 ml for every 1lt of water) and proceed to wash the floor sing mop in microfibre, cotton or mixed fibre. Allow the surface to dry completely. No need for rinsing. Periodic cleaning dilute: the product in water (up to 30ml per 1 lt of water) and proceed to clean as above. Allow the surface to dry completely. No need for rinsing. Note: 1 cap = 10ml.


Polished marble, granite and nat. stone: 1500-2000m2
Semi polished surfaces: : 1000-1200m2


Applicable Material Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, Agglomerates, Terrazzo, Terrazzo-in-situ, Quartz, and Victorian Tiles.
Volume 1 L
Product Dimensions 3.75" x 2" x 10"