Bellinzoni B-27 Exxtra Concentrated Acidic Based Detergent 1 L

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Concentrated acidic based detergent specific for the deep cleaning and removal of post installation dirt and grime, inorganic residues, limescale, salts and efflorescence, grout haze and cement build ups from natural stone, tiles, granite and from all acid resistant material. Rapid action cleans effectively all outdoor surfaces and pavers removing rust residues and build ups. Highly recommended for the removal of “engobe” or back print from ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Method of use:

Post-construction cleaning, after laying, removal of encrustations: Pre-wet the surface to be cleaned. Dilute 100/150 ml (10-15 caps of 10 ml) of B-27 EXXTRA in one liter of water. Spread the solution on the surface to be cleaned and let it act for a few minutes. Proceed with washing by scrubbing vigorously with a scrub brush or a single-disc machine. Remove the washing residues with a vacuum cleaner, cloth, or appropriate equipment. Rinse well and dry. The operation can be repeated if necessary.

Stubborn dirt, saline or calcareous residues: Dilute 50/100 ml (5-10 caps of 10 ml) of B-27 EXXTRA in one liter of water. Proceed with washing as indicated above.

General dirt or preventive washing before treatment: Dilute 30/50 ml (3-5 caps) of B-27 EXXTRA in one liter of water. Proceed with washing as indicated above.

Localized rust stains: Dilute 100 ml of B-27 EXXTRA in one liter of water, apply to the stain, let it act for about 5 minutes, and scrub vigorously. Remove the washing residue with a cloth. For resistant or deep rust, use the product Rust Remover.

The above dilutions may be modified depending on the type and intensity of the dirt to be removed. Do not use on materials sensitive to acids. Test before use. Store in the original container.

Coverage: Indicative yield of the diluted product 1:10:

  • Granite and Stones: 15-20 m²/l
  • Stoneware and Ceramic: 30-40 m²/l
  • Terracotta and Cement: 10-15 m²/l


Applicable Material Natural Stones, Tiles, Granite and Acid Tesistant Materials
Volume 1 L
Product Dimensions 3.75" x 2" x 10"