Alpha 3" Ceramica Buff Wet Use Buff Pad - White
  • Produces A Superior Glossy Finish
  • Consistent Performer for Professional Quality
  • Hook & Loop Backed
  • Use On Popular Hand-Held Wet Polishers

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Alpha Ceramica Buff

The Alpha® Ceramica Buff is a game-changer in achieving a superior glossy finish, transitioning from a standard polished edge to a deep, mirror-like shine. Unique within the Alpha® Ceramica product line, these pads do not require a large amount of water, utilizing a natural process to enhance the stone's glossy appearance without the need for hazardous chemicals.

By integrating tin oxide and aluminum oxide—powders traditionally used in the final stages of polishing—into a heat-compressed disc with natural fibers, the Alpha® Ceramica Buff offers unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Available in black for darker stones and white for lighter shades, these flexible discs are designed to cater to specific stone colors, ensuring optimal results. The black Buff is particularly effective on dark granites like Black Pearl, producing an exceptional shine that standard discs cannot match.

For fabricators and tile contractors, the difference in finish provided by Alpha® Ceramica Buff is immediately apparent, delivering a superior gloss that their clients demand. Monumentalists will find the deep, glossy finishes achievable with these discs especially appealing, fulfilling customer expectations with ease.

To achieve an even higher level of gloss, using both the black and white discs in sequence can enhance the stone's finish to a super high gloss, surpassing factory standards. Renowned for its professional quality and consistent performance, the Alpha® Ceramica Buff is the go-to choice for wet granite hand polishing, ensuring that every use results in a beautifully polished surface.


Use Wet
Size 3"
RPM 4000
Grit #Buff
Color White
Package Dimensions 5.25" x 5.25" x 0.25"
Country of Origin Japan