Alpha 4" Felt Wheel to Use with Polishing Powder
  • Designed for Use with Polishing Powders, Pastes or Bars
  • Very Durable - Holds Up To Acidic Compounds and Heat Generated During Final Polishing
  • Hook and Loop Backed Buffing Wheels
  • 1/4” Thick with The Perfect Degree of Hardness Versus Softness
  • Very Popular Material for The Final Buff Process with Fabricators and Monumentalists
  • Can Be Used for Floor Polishing Applications

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Alpha Felt Wheel

The Alpha® Felt Wheel is a top choice among professionals for the final buffing stage in stone fabrication. Designed specifically for marble and delicate granite edges such as ogees and bullnoses, these hook and loop backed buffing wheels work exceptionally well with polishing powders, pastes, and bars to achieve a deep, glossy finish.

Marble fabricators appreciate the lustrous shine they obtain, while monumentalists value the durability of the Alpha® Felt Wheel. Tile contractors, in turn, rave about the impressive glossy finish they can deliver to their customers. Engineered to withstand the acidic nature of most polishing compounds and the heat generated during the final polishing process, the Alpha® Felt Wheel combines durability with performance.

With a thickness of 1/4” and an ideal balance of hardness and softness, these wheels are not only effective but also easy to use, thanks to their hook and loop backing. This makes the Alpha® Felt Wheel the premier choice for achieving superior final polishes on marble.


Size 4"
Package Dimensions 8" x 6" x 0.5"
Country of Origin Canada