Alpha ESC-125 Wet and Dry Powerful & Precise Electric Stone Cutter
  • Precision Cuts Everytime
  • Powerful Motor For Use On Granite, Quartz Surfaces, Marble, Limestone, Concrete and Sintered Slabs
  • Water-Feed Supply Eliminates The Harmful Dust Particles
  • Base Plate Allows Guides To Be Used in Multiple Ways
  • Dust Cover for HEPA Vacuum Connection
  • New Clamping System Ensures Cutting Stability
  • Included Self-Stick Felt Strips Protects The Work Surface From Scratches
  • Built-In GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
  • Great For Use With Curve Cutting Blades
  • One Year Tool Warranty

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Alpha ESC-125

Alpha® Redesigns the Popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter into the New ESC-125

Alpha® is excited to announce the redesign of our popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, reimagined as the ESC-125 based on valuable fabricator feedback in preparation for OSHA’s new silica regulation changes in 2017. As we phase out the AWS-125, future orders will be replaced by the more advanced ESC-125 model.

Key Innovations of the ESC-125:

  • Dust Management: The ESC-125 features a Dust Cover on the blade guard that directs dust into a HEPA vacuum system, allowing for compliant dry use at job sites without spreading dust.
  • Water Jet System: It includes a newly designed Aluminum Manifold System that delivers a strong water jet to cool the blade and clear slurry, ensuring optimal performance with any blade size.
  • Hybrid Water Hose: The upgraded water hose is kink- and memory-free with a quick disconnect garden hose adapter, providing uninterrupted water flow and easy handling.
  • Cutting Depth Adjustment: The height adjustment arm has been relocated to the side of the blade guard with a Clamping Lever, simplifying the depth setting for stable and precise cuts.
  • Enhanced Power: The robust motor is now powerful enough to handle cutting 3cm thick materials like granite, quartz, marble, limestone, concrete, and sintered slabs, using a standard 110V – 15 amp circuit.

The ESC-125 not only meets the latest safety regulations but also enhances user convenience and efficiency. This upgrade reflects Alpha®'s commitment to innovation and safety in stone fabrication technology.


Size 5"
Type 110V
Arbor 7/8"
Package Dimensions 11.25" x 10.5" x 8"
Country of Origin China