6" Cyclone Ultra-Compact - Tile & Glass


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DIAMAX Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade

Engineered for versatility and precision, this blade is designed to elevate your cutting experience across a range of materials, from engineered stone to ultra-compact surfaces.

Compatible Tools:

  • Versatile in application, the Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade is compatible with angle grinders and hand saws, ensuring flexibility in your cutting operations.

Material Versatility:

  • Engineered Stone: From granite to marble, Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade delivers precise cuts on engineered stone surfaces, ensuring clean and efficient results.
  • Porcelain, Quartzite, Ultra-Compact: Designed to handle a variety of materials including porcelain, quartzite, and ultra-compact surfaces, this blade offers exceptional cutting performance across diverse applications.

Usage Options:

  • Wet or Dry: Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade offers the flexibility to be used wet or dry, catering to your specific cutting needs and preferences.
  • New Edition: As a new addition to the Cyclone Ultra lineup, this blade is engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern cutting applications.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-Thin Rim: The ultra-thin rim design ensures swift and precise cuts, minimizing chipping and delivering a clean finish with each pass.
  2. Turbo Mesh Design: Engineered with a turbo mesh design, this blade allows for optimal cooling during cutting, enhancing performance and prolonging blade life.
  3. Center Hub Reinforcement: The center hub reinforcement feature ensures the blade remains stable and cuts straight, maintaining accuracy and consistency throughout the cutting process.

Precision Cutting, Enhanced Performance: The Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade offers a blend of precision, speed, and durability, making it the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Experience effortless cutting across a range of materials with Cyclone's latest innovation.

Quality Assurance: Crafted with the highest standards of quality and performance, Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and longevity. Trust Cyclone for cutting-edge solutions that deliver exceptional results, every time.


RPM 10,000
Size 6"
Use Wet and Dry
Applicable Material Engineered stone, Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Quartzite and Ultra-compact