ABACO ALG50-W Automatic Little Giant Lifter with White Rubber


This product is no longer available.


The Little Giant Lifter Automatic is the ideal technology for maneuvering and lifting stone slabs in production facilities, warehouses, construction areas, etc.

The product develops a high workload limit and works effectively to deal with natural and artificial stones or other flat materials in plenty of grip ranges.

  • The Little Giant Lifter is mostly made of aluminum for lightweight and durability.
  • The mechanism for opening and closing the clamp plates is completely automated. The equipped automatic locking latch will lock and release the clamping system whenever pulling up and down.
  • Rubber pads on the clamp plates protect the stone slab surfaces from scratching or damage during operation and transportation.
  • The lifter has a customized swivel shackle allowing the lifter and material to rotate around 360 degrees efficiently to move the slabs in any direction.
  • The Little Giant Lifter requires combining with a crane (or with a forklift truck) to clamp, lift, and transport stone slabs.


Work Load Limit 2860 lb
Grip Width 3/8" - 1-15/16"