AKFIX 710 Stone & Marble Chip Repair Kit


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AKFIX 710 Stone & Marble Kit

The 710 Stone & Marble Kit is a comprehensive adhesive set designed specifically for bonding materials like natural stone, marble, granite, and decorative stones. This kit includes both high viscosity cyanoacrylate and activator, offering a fast and efficient bonding solution for various applications.

Key Properties:

  • Rapid Bonding: Bonds materials in mere seconds, ensuring quick assembly and repairs.
  • High Bonding Power: Provides exceptionally strong and durable bonds for reliable performance.
  • Vertical Application: Its high viscosity formula allows for use in vertical places without the risk of pour and splash, ensuring precise application.
  • Porous Surface Bonding: The activator enables fast bonding, even on porous surfaces, enhancing versatility.
  • Application Areas: Suitable for a wide range of materials including natural stone, marble, granite, wood, MDF, and metal parts.
  • Rapid Curing: Ideal for applications requiring fast curing, facilitating swift project completion.

Recommended Uses:

  • Assembly and repairs of natural stone, marble, granite, wood, MDF, and metal parts.
  • Projects requiring rapid bonding and curing, ensuring efficient workflow and quick turnaround times.

The 710 Stone & Marble Kit offers reliability, efficiency, and versatility, making it the preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking fast and durable bonding solutions for various materials.


Applicable Material Granite and Marble