ABACO ACBSL5T Container Bundle Slab Loader


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Abaco Container Bundle Slab Loader (ACBSL5T-M2) combines with a forklift truck to easily unload goods from the container. This Container Loader provides an optimum performance rather than others using it along with the hoist.

What's outstanding about Container Bundle Slab Loader?

  • Two tubes of Container Loader withstand the weight of the slab bundle and function as blocking bars to protect the bundle from wobbling during operation.
  • The reach of two tubes can be extended or shortened to easily operate in compatible spaces by telescopic action. 
  • The hydraulic system operated to adjust the distance between two tubes flexibly. Conveniently, wireless control is equipped to perform the same function at a distance. 
  • Container Loader has a big load capacity of up to 5000kg, and the forklift jib boom can handle large and heavy bundles of slabs easily. 
  • The forklift beam is directly connected to the forklift not only optimizes the reach of tubes to reduce the load as lifting but also enables to use of the small rated capacity forklift ranges. 


Grip Width 3-15/16" - 23-5/8"
Work Load Limit 11000 lb