Akemi COLOUR BOND P+ 6 Min - Beige CC 1780 Beige Magic (250 mL)

AKEMI® COLOUR BOND P+ is a gel-like 2-component product based on epoxyacrylate resins dissolved in styrene.

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AKEMI Colour Bond P+6

COLOUR BOND P+ 6 min offers a revolutionary solution for achieving invisible joints in quartz and natural stone surfaces. This pre-coloured, gel-like 2-component epoxyacrylate adhesive is renowned for its high bonding power and rapid surface drying capabilities. With a working time of approximately 5 - 7 minutes at 20°C and a mixing ratio of 10:1, it provides fast, simple, and reliable results for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Coloured Formula: Available in more than 50 Colour Bond colours, ensuring seamless integration with various composite stones. Identical colour codes to the 1-component sealant COMPOSIL for expansion and connection joints.
  • High Bonding Power: Offers exceptional bonding strength, ensuring durable and reliable joints in quartz and natural stone surfaces.
  • Fast Surface Drying: Rapid surface drying and processability enable efficient application and minimal downtime.
  • Foodsafe Certification: Certified by an external German testing institute as foodsafe, ensuring suitability for use in food areas.
  • Wide Material Compatibility: Compatible with a range of materials including natural stone, granite, marble, limestone, quartz, ceramics, solid-surface, and concrete ashlar.
  • Short Working Time: Short working time of 5 - 7 minutes at 20°C allows for quick and efficient application.
  • UV Stability: Exhibits good UV stability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in interior settings.
  • Excellent Polishing Ability: Once cured, offers excellent polishing ability, resulting in a seamless finish.

Application Method:

  • Ideal for bonding applications in kitchens, bathrooms, tables, window sills, walls, food areas, and within the stone industry.

Colour Options:

  • Available in a variety of pre-coloured options, ensuring compatibility with various composite stones.

Important Note:

  • Within the EU, subject to the self-service prohibition regulation and shall only be sold by specialized sales outlets.

COLOUR BOND P+ 6 min revolutionizes the bonding process with its fast, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing results, making it a preferred choice for professionals in the stone industry.


Brand AKEMI®
Color Beige
Use Indoor only
Product Dimensions 2.125" x 3" x 7.5"