Bellinzoni Super Crystal Yellow Polishing Powder for Marble - 1 kg

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Super Crystal Powder

SUPER CRYSTAL is a high-quality polishing powder designed for the final polishing and re-polishing of various types of stone floors, including marble, agglomerate, marble-cement, terrazzo, and limestone. This product is specifically formulated for use on calcareous materials.

Key Features:

  • Surface hardening: Hardens the surface of the floor, providing protection against scratches and scrapes.
  • Long-lasting shine: Restores the natural shine of the material, giving it a long-lasting glossy finish.
  • Ideal for restoration: Perfect for restoring surfaces worn by time or foot traffic, revitalizing their beauty.
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas: Also suitable for hardening surfaces subjected to heavy traffic.
  • Water-based application: To be used with water and a buffing pad to achieve excellent results.

Method of Use:

  1. Spread SUPER CRYSTAL on the floor manually in circular motions, covering an area of approximately a couple of square meters (approx. 20 square feet).
  2. Equip a single disc machine with a natural fiber disc and position it on the powder-covered floor.
  3. Wet the floor with water using a sprayer or solution tank water control.
  4. Turn on the floor machine and work water and SUPER CRYSTAL into a slurry. Maintain a watery slurry by adding SUPER CRYSTAL or water as necessary.
  5. Work in small areas of no more than 1-2 square meters (15-20 square feet) at a time. Do not allow the slurry to dry on the floor at any time.
  6. After polishing each area, check the result using a window squeegee. Move the slurry to the next area to be polished once a high polish is achieved.
  7. Rinse the floor with clean water to remove all SUPER CRYSTAL slurry from the surface and grout joints.
  8. Repeat the polishing process, adding water or SUPER CRYSTAL as needed, until the entire area reaches the desired polish.
  9. Wash the floor thoroughly with clean water and an alkaline detergent such as DECER-DOS or ULTRA STRIPPER, and allow it to dry.

Coverage: With 1 kg (35 oz.) of product, it is possible to polish approximately 40/50 m2 (430/540 sq.ft.), depending on the degree of wear of the floor.


Color Yellow
Applicable Material Marble, Terrazzo amd Agglomerated Marbles
Product Dimensions 4" x 4" x 6.25"