Bellinzoni Idea Tropical Antistain Color Intensifier 1 L

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Idea Quarzo

Solvent based, water/oil repellent and deep colour enhancer specific for absorbent exotic granites and natural stones. Product indicated for all natural and textured internal/external, horizontal and vertical sandblasted, bush-hammered, rough, flamed and honed materials. IDEA TROPICAL protects the surface from general water and oil-based substances, dirt and grime, grease and humidity and moisture while giving a deep rich, glossy appearance to the material. UV Resistant, breathable and resistant to rain, mould and atmospheric conditions.

Method of Use:

Apply IDEA TROPICAL evenly on clean surfaces by micro-fiber cloth or appropriate tool taking care not to make excess of product. If the material is very porous or to enhance more the color, reapply the product. In case of excess of product  due to an abundant application, it is possible to remove it rubbing the surface with a micro-fiber cloth within 30-60 minutes. In case of floors wait 24 hours before walking. Keep the original packaging. For professional use only. Make a test before use.


For the treatment of rough granite, one liter of product can treat 8 to 12 sqm (80/140 sq.ft.), depending on the absorption and degree of finish of the material.


Applicable Material Engineered Stones Quartz Based, Polished, Unpolished, Flamed, Rough or Bush-Hammered
Volume 1 L
Product Dimensions 3.25" x 3.25" x 9"