Bellinzoni Cera in Pasta Black Wax

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Bellinzoni Paste Wax

Bellinzoni Paste Wax is a top-quality concentrated wax solution, meticulously formulated with non-inflammable solvents. Originating in 1937, this paste wax boasts exceptional polishing and protective capabilities, owing to the use of premium raw materials in its preparation.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Polishing Power: The paste wax exhibits outstanding polishing efficacy, capable of achieving a uniform, brilliant, and long-lasting mirror-finish on various materials such as marble, granite, or stone agglomerates.
  • Protective Sealant: Its special composition allows it to penetrate deeply into the material, filling and sealing porosities, while also covering small scratches, ensuring comprehensive protection and enhancement of surfaces.

Method of Use:

  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry, free from stains, mildew, or crusting, as these may become harder to remove after application.
  • Application can be done using a brush, roller, spray gun, or directly on the surface with a cloth for optimal results.


  • With 1 kg (35 oz.) of product, it is possible to polish 25/30 m² (270/350 sq.ft.) of marble and granite surfaces above grit 800, providing ample coverage for various polishing needs.

Bellinzoni Paste Wax stands as a testament to its long-standing legacy of quality and excellence, offering unmatched polishing and protective power for your surfaces.


Color Black
Applicable Material Marble and Granite
Product Dimensions 4.375" x 4.375" x 5.25"