Akemi Crystal Clean - Water-Based Daily Cleaning Agent (500 mL, Ready-to-Use, Food Safe)

For the daily removal of slight dirt like for example slight films of oil and grease, road dirt on polished natural and artificial stone as well as on fine stone ware, clinker and ceramics, quartz or similar.

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Akemi Crystal Clean

AKEMI® Crystal Clean is an acid- and lye-free, ready-to-use cleaning spray made of surfactants, auxiliary materials, odoriferous substances and alcohols. The product is free from phosphates; the surfactants contained are readily biodegradable in correspondence with the legal regulations of the OECD (confirmed by an external German testing institute). When used properly, surfaces made of natural and artificial stone which have been treated with AKEMI® Crystal Clean are toxicologically harmless upon contact with food in accordance with DIN 10516 (confirmed by an external German testing institute). 


Marca AKEMI®
Applicable Material Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Ceramics, Quartz, Solid-surface, Terrazzo, Slate, Concrete ashlar, Cotto, Stones sensitive to acides, Glass and Artificial stone
Product Dimensions 2.375" x 3.5" x 9.5"