Akemi Platinum 4.0 P+ Knife-Grade - Transparent-Opaque Epoxyacrylate Adhesive (Quart)

Knife-grade, transparent-opaque adhesive, excellently suitable for bonding and filling of natural and artificial stones.

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Akemi Platinum 4.0 P+ Knife-grade

Platinum 4.0 P+ knife-grade is a knife-grade, transparent-opaque adhesive (very light base colour), based on epoxyacrylate, high bonding power, very fast surface drying and processability that doesn't change its consistency by stirring.

Excellently suitable for bonding and filling of natural and artificial stone (s.a. marble, granite, artificial stone, terrazzo, quartz) also for vertical applications. Additionally qualified for modelling of corners and edges.


Brand AKEMI®
Applicable Material Marble, Granite, Artificial stone, Terrazzo, Quartz
Color Clear
Product Dimensions 4.25" x 4.25 " x 5.25"